Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frank's 2000" TV

I've learned that I can partially control what's running in my head, but if a song wants to stay, it's stuck there. This morning I woke up with 2 lines from "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Frank's 2000" TV" going over and over in a tiny, annoying loop. I realize this happens because I can't remember what comes before or after those lines, so it's a bit like a record skipping, it goe as far as it can, and then just jumps back. This morning, however, I was able to recall a second set of lines, which meant that I got 2 loops of the same song running around. Maybe next time I'll get two songs from the same album.


rigtenzin said...

What do you know about skipping records?

Scorpicon said...

Hey, I'm not that young. I've ruined plenty of records in my time.